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Specialist Transport Ticket and Label Auctions

This information was last updated on October 25 2013.


(XX) number of whole tickets in lot.
(wh) number of whole tickets in lot when whole and half tickets offered.
(hlf) number of half tickets in lot when whole and half tickets offered.
(o/h)outward half.
(r/h)return half.
(rej) number of rejoined tickets in lot.
(Sgl) Single journey ticket
(Rtn) Return (whole outward and return journey) ticket.
(a) Audit ticket (ie withdrawn and clipped when returned to Audit Office).
(i) Issued ticket (may have been clipped by ticket examiner when used).
(u) unissued ticket (totally unclipped).
(iu) issued ticket but undated.
(@) destination written in manuscript.
(canc) ticket stamped "Cancelled."
(spec) ticket stamped "Specimen."
(/) ticket creased.
(Clips) ticket with unusually high number of clips.
(Trans) ticket in a "Transitional" (ie pre-Nat/BR) style of printing.
(Bd) Back of ticket damaged/defaced/hinge mark.
(pd) printed date.
(sic)Entry completely as shown on the original.

Please Note Unless otherwise stated, all tickets are whole Edmondson card in what we consider to be "good" condition. However, some may have paper, glue or Sellotape residue on the back due to previous mounting. Due to limitations of space, we may not always point this out in the catalogue description, for which we apologise. Customers should satisfy themselves as to the condition of tickets prior to bidding.


References to Luggage Label types (eg N42/IG11) are those shown in the Railway Print Society publications "Pre-Grouping Luggage Labels" (RPS1) and "Luggage Labels of Ireland" (RPS2) and the regular updates in "The Paperchase" and RPS Newsletters.

Station opening/closure dates (where given) are as shown in the publication "The Directory of Railway Stations" by RVJ Butt, published by Patrick Stephens, which we gratefully acknowledge.

The book "The Directory of British Tramways" by Keith Turner, published by Patrick Stephens, was used to research tramway opening and closure dates and is gratefully acknowledged also.

References to Platform Ticket types (eg T2 = Type 2 etc) are those detailed in Michael Stewart‘s "Catalogue of British Platform Tickets to 1948," published by the author.

Photocopies of Lots

Where possible, photocopies of particular lots will be supplied upon request. Large lots in terms of size or shape and bundles of tickets, labels or other material will not be considered practicable. This applies also to fragile material or material that we consider may be harmed by bright light. The charge for this service is 12p per A4 side plus postage. This will be added to your invoice when you register at the Cash Desk or upon despatch of lots from successful postal bids. Colour photocopies can be supplied on request but at higher charge. Please ask for quotation.