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Saturday, 27th April 2019

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To help with your bidding decisions we give these brief notes that are relevant to what may be considered as some of the more significant tickets offered in this auction. All are illustrated at the appropriate places in the catalogue.

Lot 1 Southwold Rly. A single for a through journey on to the GER, dry-impression dated 20 November 1913. The SR closed on 12 April 1929.

Lot 5 GN & GE Joint Rly. Tickets from the GER Ramsey branch which closed on 22 September 1930. A jointly titled single from Ramsey (High Street) to Warboys is dated indistinctly but probably 1901; the issuing station was renamed Ramsey East on 1 July 1923. A GER single from Warboys to Somersham is dated 17 March 1896.

Lot 13 Great Eastern Rly. Harwich was renamed Harwich Town on 1 March 1883. The ticket is dated 4 May 1875.

Lot 22 Great Northern Rly. Singles from Ramsey GN (renamed Ramsey North on 1 July 1923) and St. Mary's. Rail services on the GNR Ramsey branch were reduced to morning only in 1931 and the branch closed on 6 October 1947.

Lot 35 Tunisia. 24 tickets, mostly issued from the late 1930s onwards, and representing the Chemin de Fer Sfax-Gafsa (SG), Cie Fermiere des Chemins de Fer Tunisiens and SNCFT.

Lot 39 Metropolitan Rly. The Tower of London was open from 25 September 1882 to 13 October 1884; it was replaced by Mark Lane. Issued, but the date is illegible.

Lot 47 Lancashire, Derbyshire & East Coast Rly. A single from Clowne, closed on 11 September 1939. The ticket is dated 2 November 1903.

Lot 55 Great Western Rly. The GWR practice of charging higher fares for travel by express trains ceased on 1 June 1882.

Lot 78 Midland Rly. Both West Bridge and Glenfield closed on 24 September 1928.

Lot 86 Brazil. A colourful used selection dating from 1930 onwards and representing the SBSWR, Cearense, Leste Brasileiro, Noroeste, Paulista, Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo e Minas and Sorocabana.

Lot 115 Libya. Edmondsons from the Rete Orientale, Governo della Libia Ferrovie della Tripolitania and Rete Ciranaica. All printed in Italy, they are believed to have been war trophies collected by departing troops in WW2.

Lot 146 Irish North Western Rly. The INWR became part of the Great Northern Railway of Ireland in 1876. The ticket is one of the few known to bear the imprint of Edmondson, Dame St., Dublin.

Lot 147 London & North Eastern Rly. Blackwall closed on 4 May 1926 so there were only three years of LNER prints. The ticket is dated 29 May 1923.

Lot 148 Great Northern Railway. Single from the LNWR station at Wansford for a journey on the GNR branch from Stamford. The indistinct date appears to be in 1920.

Lot 172 London & South Western Rly. A single from Hampton, on the Thames Valley Railway, issued in the month after opening. The LSWR stopped using destination numbering on tickets in 1866/7.

Lot 203 Great Western Rly. Single from Newbury West Fields Halt with an indistinct rubber-stamped date on the back.

Lot 232 North & South Western Junction Rly. The large capital G indicates the issuing station, Acton. This identification system was superseded in November 1873.

Lot 243 Great Western Railway. A ticket for travel to and from the Thirteenth Annual Rural Fete of the GWR Widows' and Orphans' Fund held in Aldermaston Park.

Lot 255 Great Western Railway. A rail motor ticket for the Stroud Valley line, printed for use after the opening of Bowbridge Crossing Halt on 1 May 1905.

Lot 276 Africa. 129 edmondsons representing Nyasaland Railways Ltd, Malawi Railways Ltd, and Rhodesia Railways.

Lot 277 Great Eastern Rly. A motor omnibus ticket for the GER service that operated between Clacton and St. Osyth in summers only from 14 August 1905 until 30 September 1907.

Lot 282 Great Western Rly. The line from Cleobury Mortimer to Ditton Priors closed on 26 September 1938. The ticket is at the 'N' fare scale used from October 1937 to May 1940 but includes Chilton Siding recorded as closed in June 1917.

Lot 285 Hull, Barnsley & West Riding Junction Railway & Dock Co. An all stations free pass for the year 1889, issued to Lord Beaumont. The folding leather cover is tan with gold tooling that includes a fine rendering of the company's coat-of-arms.

Lot 288 Surinam. Three thin card tickets from the Koloniale Spoorweg of Surinam (Dutch Guiana). This obscure railway ceased to operate shortly after Surinam's independence in 1954 and few tickets seem to have survived.

Lot 328 Great Northern Rly. A single dated 10 July 1912, unusual in showing the issuing point as 'Hale (G.N.)' rather than 'The Hale'.

Lot 329 Southern Railway. This ticket for a coffin to the London Necropolis at Brookwood is assumed to be a proof or specimen print. It is undated.

Lot 397 London & North Western Rly. The Lot includes a single from Killay to Brynammon (sic!) via Pantyffynnon dated 12 November 1897 although clearly printed in the 1870s. The destination is the GWR station at Brynamman and confirms its existence in that decade even though Railway Clearing House publications suggest that it was not opened until the 1890s.

Lot 408 North British Rly. Both stations closed to ordinary passenger traffic on 1 January 1917; Lochburn completely, although Possil Park continued to handle some Singer workmen's trains. The ticket is dated 21 May 1908.

Dates quoted are taken from Michael Quick's chronology Railway Passenger Stations in Great Britain (Railway & Canal Historical Society 2009) and Supplements, which is gratefully acknowledged.

The condition of the tickets is indicated as follows:

Front of Tickets

indicates that the ticket is in excellent/undamaged condition

indicates the ticket is in good condition with no noticeable defects

indicates the ticket has some wear or minor crease, although still presentable

indicates the ticket is in poor condition

indicates the ticket has faded

for travel tickets: issued and dated example

for platform tickets: issued, the symbol indicates a dated example

Back of Tickets

indicates that the back of the ticket is in good, undamaged condition

indicates that the back of a ticket has paper residue as a result of previous mounting, usually removable with care

indicates that the back of the ticket, including the back paper, has actual damage or loss

indicates that the ticket has no back

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