Paddington Ticket Auction: Rail & Road Tickets, 27 July 2019

Lot 113 (1) Sale 265
 This lot sold for £170.
London & St Katherine Dock Co
London & St. Katharine Dock Railway. In ticket terms, the scarcest of London's dock railways. The ticket offered is from Galleons in the Royal Albert Dock, serial number 0000 clearly dated 11 October 1880. This could have been the opening day of the station, it has only been previously recorded as open by 30 October 1880; it closed on 12 December 1886, being replaced by a new station about a quarter mile to the east. Use of the L&SK title was discontinued in 1889 after the dock company joined with the Royal Albert Dock in forming the London & India Docks Joint Committee, later amalgamating in 1901 to form the London & India Docks Company (see Lots 16 and 304) and finally being subsumed into the Port of London Authority in 1909.
Sale 265, Lot 113