Paddington Ticket Auction: Rail & Road Tickets, 27 July 2019

Text Descriptions for Lots 451 - 500
451 L.T.E. Buses, Deaf & Dumb Tickets 1949-58. All different control numbers. Approx. 1300 small overprint Deaf & Dumb from 1949-58 era, both Bell Punch & Effra Road prints, including "F" Series. Also included approx. 350 Tram & Trolleybus D&Ds from the same period plus over 200 mixed LPTB/LT Buses D&Ds pre 1948 with large value overprints. Over 1850 tickets.
452 A large cigar box containing London Transport and Provincial bus tickets.
453 London Electric Railway machine issues (12), also 25 LTPB machine issues. (37)
454 A box containing over 300 pre-war punch type bus and tram tickets from a variety of municipalities across the UK (except for South Coast operators). All used and generally in very good condition.
455 A bundle of 120 numbered stage punch types from Southdown Motor Services Ltd, with a number of different sets represented, and a selection of 66 pre-war punch types from South Coast municipalities (Brighton, Bournemouth, Eastbourne, etc.), mixture of named and numbered stage issues. All genuinely used, and in good condition.
456 Three small ring binders containing the final parts of a mounted collection of UK bus tickets (excluding London). Includes punch types, large card tickets and others. Covers operators with the initial letters L - N.
457 London pre-LPTB, mainly machine issues. (approx. 60)
458 London Bus, Tram and Trolleybus miscellany, 1930s-1950s, condition varies. (small biscuit tin full)
459 A box of Bus, Tram and Rail tickets, from various parts of the country, together with a number of trade cards. (shoe box full)
460 Overseas rail tickets, a wide variety of issues. (approx. 230)
461 A shoe box of overseas railway tickets, non-Edmondson issues. A wide variety from around the globe.
462 An album of tram, trolleybus and bus tickets. Scotland, Wales, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, North Midlands companies. Many 100s of items mounted with stamp hinges.
463 An album of tram, trolleybus and bus tickets. North West, Irish, Isle of Man, Municipal and company issues. Many 100s of items mounted with stamp hinges.
464 Pre-grouping paper tickets dating from the 1880s, from a variety of companies but all made out to Burton on Trent. Includes Cambrian, LSW, LCDR, Furness, CKP, DNGR, Rhymney, District, Brecon and Merthyr, Caledonian, Waterford and Limerick, etc. (29)
465 A small carton of railway tickets, including albums, some duplication noted in loose examples.
466 LTPB tickets. An assortment of 50 geographical issues for a variety of routes.
467 LGOC tickets. An assortment of issues for a variety of routes. (70)
468 Birch Brothers. A selection of different prints. (22)
469 London Transport. A selection of deaf & dumb tickets. (150)
470 A large carton of provincial punch type bus tickets. A large number of examples from Rhonnda and Brighton, but many other operators. Some London examples included.
471 A carton of machine issued bus tickets, including Setright, Ultimate, TIM, Bellgraphic. Considerable duplication. Together with a quantity of foreign material.
472 London Transport geographical tickets 1950-54. A considerable quantity, some duplication but extent unknown.
473 London Transport numerical deaf & dumb tickets. A plastic crate containing 1000s of items in bundles.
474 A carton of mainly BR Edmondson and paper travel tickets.
475 Machine issued platform tickets. An album containing a substantial collection of AA issues from LNER to BR unpriced. Mainly Eastern Region.
476 Platform tickets. A very large quantity including BRB 3d, BRB unpriced red diamonds, green diamonds, preserved line issues. A huge variety, approx. 2000.
477 A box of approx. 100 paper non-Edmondson tickets, all from pre-grouping companies, mostly issued with many unusual companies and types noted.
478 A box containing approx. 150 pre-nat and joint line Edmondsons, 50% used, 50% unused. Includes a wide variety of types.
479 A box file containing over 900 assorted platform tickets, both card and machine issues, predominantly Eastern Region. Some pre-nat and earlier BR issues noted.
480 A quantity of mainly BR card and paper tickets, though some pre-nat and pre-group examples noted. Together with an album of machine issued platform tickets, lightly laid down.
481 Isle of Wight. A quantity of tickets in plastic sleeves, ranging from SR halves and audits to BR and later issues. (Sold on behalf of the Isle of Wight Steam Railway)
482 London bus, coach and tram tickets, a good quantity, varying types, ages and condition.
483 Bus and tram tickets. A good quantity of provincial issues, not ex TTS distribution. Varying age, type and condition, some duplication.
484 A box file filled with ex TTS distribution tickets, including some blocks. Together with a quantity of Leeds and Hull examples in plastic sleeves.
485 A box file full of London bus, tram and trolleybus tickets, mostly 1930s-1950s.
486 A very large quantity of London Transport bus tickets, all sorted by route and contained in plastic sleeves. (1000s.)
487 A delver's delight of several thousand bus tickets. Many ex TTS distribution but also a variety of modern paper and card issues.
488 A large box containing a jumble of mainly machine issued bus tickets. 1950s to present day. 1950s Birmingham punch tickets noted.
489 A mixed box of bus tickets from c1950 onwards. The majority are Ultimate and Setright with a sprinkling of punch types - Hants and Dorset, Bournemouth and Brighton noted.
490 Birmingham area tickets. Mostly Corporation Ultimates and punch but a few card tickets and Warstone examples noted.
491 A mixed box of overseas tickets from many parts of the world. Mostly bus/tram but a few rail as well. 1950s onwards.
492 A box containing a large quantity of UK paper and card bus tickets, both issued and unissued.
493 Paper and card tickets from UK bus undertakings, used and unused. Many laminated card included.
494 London Transport. A delver's delight of all types, punch, machine issues, travel cards - 1940s to 1980s.
495 A wooden box containing a number of BR and pre-group tickets. A good quantity of NER unused examples from Kirbymoorside, some duplication. Also a number of tea cards featuring railway locomotives.
496 A small box of BR and LNER tickets, mainly from East Anglia and the Manchester area. Some platform tickets included.
497 A quantity of BR and pre-nat Edmondson tickets. (approx. 500)
498 BR issued and audit tickets from stations in most regions. (approx. 500)
499 A box of mixed Edmondson tickets, BR, pre-nat, LT, etc. (approx. 500)
500 A substantial quantity of Edmondson tickets in plastic sleeves contained in four stock albums. Includes BR, pre-nat and pre-group, Underground companies and platform tickets.