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Lot 535 (1) Sale 307
 This lot sold for £180 to bidder number 7577.
NBR Excn 1850
North British Railway: The website gives the background to this intriguing item which covers a journey from an unspecified station to Prestonpans. A chapman was a travelling salesman and in 1530 a group decided to form themselves into the 'The Ancient and Royal Fraternity of Chapmen of the Three Lothians'. In 1636 the right to hold an annual fair at Preston Cross passed to the Chapmen, this was one of five mercat crosses built in Scotland in the 1600s and was a symbolic representation of the right to hold markets and fairs. The last known record of the Fraternity is dated 1851 and it ceased to exist as an organisation later in the century.
Sale 307, Lot 535