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Specialist Transport Ticket and Label Auctions

Terms & Conditions

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On this page you will find useful background information about our auctions as well as our Terms and Conditions. Please make sure you are aware of the infomation provided before attending our auctions and/or bidding.

Security at our Auctions

Bags and large coats are not allowed in the viewing areas. Many of the items can only be viewed under steward supervision. Other security surveillance will be in place.

Privacy Policy

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Auction Terms & Conditions

1. BIDDING If you intend to bid, please register your name and address at the Cashiers Desk before the sale commences and obtain a BIDDING NUMBER. Please remember to return the card to the Cashiers when you leave the sale.

2. BUYER'S PREMIUM A Buyer's Premium of 12% (No VAT) will be added to each invoice at the time of settlement.

3. REMOVAL OF LOTS Successful purchases can be paid for and removed at any time during the sale, but preferably during the interval or at the end, subject to payment conditions being met (see 4 below).

4. PAYMENT May be by cash or cheque (with a valid cheque card) up to any amount, but we usually accept cheques from people we know. Items may then be removed at once. Cheques without a cheque card, or from people we do not know, will be accepted but items will be held pending clearance of the cheque, and forwarded to the address given (subject to postage and package charge). PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept payment by credit/debit card.

5. POSTAL/COMMISSION BIDS We actively encourage postal bids from those who are unable to attend the auction personally. Postal Bids are accepted free of charge, but should be submitted in writing using the form obtainable here and be accompanied by a cheque appropriately endorsed in accordance with the instructions. Bids will also be accepted by FAX or E-Mail and, in exceptional circumstances, by telephone, however a cheque must follow as soon as possible thereafter, unless otherwise agreed with us. Lots will be bought on your behalf at one step up from the highest bid in the room, subject to the maximum amount stated and taking account of any reserves that may apply (see also 10 and 11 below).

6. DESCRIPTION OF LOTS The catalogue description is the opinion of the organisers and although every attempt is made to ensure the authenticity of each item, they are not responsible for any errors of description, authenticity or defect whatsoever.

7. INSPECTION OF LOTS Ample opportunity is given for inspection of lots and each purchaser by making a bid acknowledges that he/she has satisfied him/herself as to the condition of lots and the Terms & Conditions of Sale. Customers are reminded that certain lots may be fragile due to their age, wear, and so on. When handling and viewing such material, they are asked to treat it with the utmost care and attention. Although we make every effort to describe condition accurately, we cannot be held responsible for material damaged in any way by customers at the time of viewing.

8. CATALOGUE CHANGES Any changes to the catalogue will be displayed on a notice in the viewing area.

9. DISPUTES In the case of any dispute the Auctioneer has the full right of settlement.

10. BIDS Will start at the discretion of the auctioneer, either in the room, or by post. If there is more than one postal bid, the higher (by one bidding step) of the two or more postal bids will start the bidding, or when a Postal Bid is higher than the reserve price, the bidding will start at the reserve. In the event of a Postal Bid being equal to one received from the room, the room bid takes preference. In the event of two Postal Bids being equal, the first one received takes preference.

11. BIDDING STEPS The Auctioneer will start the bidding at an amount appropriate to the lot on sale, but in any case at a minimum of £10, and will increase in steps as follows:-
    Over £10 but under £30 in £2 steps.
    Over £30 but under £100 in £5 steps.
    Over £100 but under £500 in £10 steps.
    Over £500 but under £1000 in £20 steps.
    Over £1000 in £50 steps.

12. NOTE TO VENDORS The commission rate on sales is 12% (subject to a minimum fee of £6 per lot sold or unsold) in accordance with the Entry Form. No VAT payable on commission. Payment will usually be made to vendors within 10 days of the sale. Vendors are NOT allowed to bid for their own lots. Unless instructed to the contrary, a catalogue will be forwarded with our confirmatory Auction Entry Form. A charge of £6 (deductable from sale proceeds) will be made for this.

13. UNSOLD ITEMS Will be returned to Vendors as soon as possible after the sale, unless we are instructed to the contrary.

General Conditions

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