GCR Paddington Ticket Auction,
Special Postal Version

Sale Closing Date: 5:00pm on Friday, 10 May 2024

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Please enter a Lot Number in the box below (the default value is Lot 1) and then click the 'Display Lots' button. In Part 1 of this catalogue, this will display a batch of 10 Lots starting with the specified Lot. In Part 2 this will display just the specified Lot. On each catalogue page there are buttons for selecting the 'next' or 'previous' pages, so that you can work your way through the catalogue.

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Sale Results for Sale 348 in PDF Format for Downloading

Index of Tickets in Sale 348

Minimum bid £5 per ticket (Lots 1-860)
Minimum bid £2 per ticket (Lots 861-1200)
1150-1182Joint Lines
1201-1205Early LOR (4)
1206Portsmouth Tramway 1865 (2)
1207-1247Pre-Nat, etc. + Car Parking (20)
1248-1296BR (20)
1297-1307BR Car Parking, etc. (40)
1308-1310BR/PN/PG (40)
1311-1328BR/PN/PG (50)
1329-1335BR/PN/PG (100)
1390-1399Seasons, Passes
3001-3400Platforms (Single Items)
3401-3404GWR (20)
3405-3407LMS (20)
3408-3409LNER (20)
3410-3427SR (20)
3428-3433Miscellaneous and Irish (20)
3434-3457BR Transitional (20)
3458-3502BR 1d Executive Conditions
3503-3527BR 1d Commission Conditions
3528-3571BTC 1d
3572-3580BTC 2d
3581BTC 2d/3d, etc.
3582-3612LT 1d
5001-5044Road - single ticket lots
5045-5120Road - multiple ticket lots

Condition of Tickets

Condition Grading Codes

indicates that the ticket is in excellent/undamaged condition

indicates the ticket is in good condition with no noticeable defects

indicates the ticket has some wear or minor crease, although still presentable

indicates the ticket is in poor condition

indicates that the ticket has faded

for travel tickets: issued and dated example

Condition of the Back of Tickets, Mounting Damage

indicates that the back of the ticket is in good, undamaged condition

indicates that the back of a ticket has paper residue as a result of previous mounting, usually removable with care

indicates that the back of the ticket, including the back paper, has actual damage or loss

indicates that the back of the ticket is missing